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Mistergrill Steak house - Cecina

Corso Matteotti 182 - Cecina 57023 ( LI )

Tel 0586 685078  -  Cell 334 8042382  -  Cell  389 6968202

It is recommended

the place for the whole family

the Restaurant


Le Sale Ristorante


Near to Mistergrill

Mistergrill Steak House Cecina is located at:

100 meters from the pedestrian area of

Cecina Centro Cecina Natural Shopping CenterWe are on the main road

that crosses the whole country3 minutes walk from the

Cinema 50 meters from the Central Bus

Station 5 minutes walk from the Cecina

Centro Train Station10 minutes walk from the Sports Hall,

the Stadium and the Swimming Pool

Raw Materials

Attention to Quality

Selection of Supplies and Suppliers

We select the products we use and the suppliers

we rely on with extreme attention so that they

can guarantee the Standard of constant quality

over time in compliance with all the regulations in

force in the sector documented by traceability and certifications


the brand and its origins

From 2004 to

today 2004 from the passion for catering of the two Mannucci brothers. essandro

and Massimoe, thanks to the help of the family, joining forces all together

recovered to build 'il Sorriso ' a small restaurant in the center with 35 seats


the opportunity for expansion: after so much effort, the merits

and the restaurant was starting to get tight with its few

seats to sit cleared the bottom next to it,

the opportunity arises to expand to 100 postsbut we will be sure to

fill all the seats and re-enter the expenses?

therefore in the expansion the newPizzeria department is

born with a new turning point at the restaurant 2011 the

specialization small interventions in the kitchen were indispensable to improve

the service and therefore reinforcing the most popular sector or the grill large improvements both in the kitchen and in the menu lead

to the new name of the restaurant F.lli Mannucci

Steak House 2016

the New Brand Catering is evolving and we, together with it, arrive with new trends and new products we are always attentive to the evolution. or that something is missing

to close the circle ... Hamburger Mania has broken out, i.e. hamburgers

are no longer a Fastfood thing but real restaurant

dishes with selected recipes and products and here comes the complete renovation of

internal rooms with construction of the outdoor veranda and Why not ...

the New Brand What does the circle with the M of Mistergrill mean? and the Name?

b è now tell us and Buon Appetito a tutti

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